Please note this based federal funding program you may be interested in called “Innovative Solutions Canada”.  Launched in mid December 2017 it is a $100 million program that invites Canadian small business to develop novel solutions to challenges proposed by federal departments and agencies, which is designed to fuel innovation and create middle – class jobs.  These are on going and time sensitive challenges which revolve around a number of themes - scroll down to see the challenges.  Below is a brief list.

·         Engineered Surface Challenges – Closing Date Feb 26, 2018

·         Artificial Intelligences and Big Data Analytics for Advanced Autonomous Space System – Closing Date tbd

·         3D printing and Additive Manufacturing:  Metal Powder Bed Density Test Equipment – Closing Date tbd

·         Advanced Coatings and Materials for Personal Protective Ensembles – Closing Date tbd

·         Robust “Beyond Line of Sight” BLOS) Communications in Satellite – Denied Environments.  – Closing Date tbd

More intel can be found via the below links .