Please read the below email we received and respond accordingly.


Greetings all


We have been advised of an Airbus inquiry for the purposes of sourcing suppliers and engaging in research and development for the following expertise.  Airbus is looking for Alberta firms who have capacity, interest and ability to deliver on the following areas related to FWSAR CC-295 program.


·         Electronics Information Technology


·         Comms and Navs Systems


·         Fire Control


·         Aircraft Fabrication, Structures & Components


·         Electro-Optical, Radar and Sonar Systems


·         Warning/Counter-measures Systems


Please highlight the section to which your firm aligns and provide a brief explanation (link and/or paragraph description – 4 sentences max) as to what you provide, certifications and attributes that apply ie ISO latest standard for your industry, production methodologies experience with ITAR, AS9000, Canadian Content Value, relevant experience in the Aerospace and/or Defence industry, etc.   In addition, please provide the following contact details with your reply and advise if you have been in touch with Airbus within the last 2 years.  If you have been in touch with them please provide an indication of when, where and with whom.   


Company Name:

Contact Name:

Email/phone number:


We would appreciate this information by Thursday February 8th.


I look forward to your capability and response.  Please circulate to others you believe could meet supply/research & development needs.     


Best Regards,


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