representing virtually every aspect of the aviation aerospace & airport business, the Alberta Aviation Council is unique in Canada


  1. To promote a safe and financially sustainable aerospace, airport and aviation industry in Alberta.
  2. To advise and assist government in understanding the requirements of the aerospace, airport and aviation industry in Alberta.
  3. To advocate with government on funding, policies, regulations and taxes.
  4. To be a focal point for the collection and distribution of information that will promote the growth and development of the aerospace, airport andaviation industry.
  5. To encourage the mutual awareness of the capabilities and responsibilities of association members.
  6. To provide training, education and support for the improvement of aerospace, airports and aviation in Alberta.

Our vision

To be a catalyst for industry growth and the recognized voice of aerospace, airport and aviation interests in Alberta.



Alberta Aviation Council will serve its membership and promote the growth and prosperity of aerospace, airports and aviation in Alberta through collaboration, communication, training, education, research and advocacy.

Aviation in Alberta

Alberta offers everything from commercial & military aircraft repair, overhaul, design modification and manufacturing, to unmanned vehicle technology, advanced electronics communications, to corporate & commercial aviation, flying training and more.

Important Association Activities include:

  • Identifying Market Trends in Aviation & Aerospace
  • Air Facility Map Publications
  • Aviation Scholarship Program for Students & Air Cadets
  • Education and Training Programs
  • Human Resource Development
  • Industry and Government Relations
  • Aviation Heritage
  • Annual Conferences & Trade Shows
  • Supplier Development Programs
  • Trade Missions (incoming & outgoing)
  • Comprehensive online industry databases & website links
  • Facilitation of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
  • Seminars & Workshops