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We Are The Recognized Voice Of Aerospace, Airport, And Aviation Interests In Alberta


To Be A Catalyst For Industry Growth And The Recognized Voice Of Aerospace, Airport And Aviation Interests In Alberta.


Alberta Aviation Council will serve its membership and promote the growth and prosperity of aerospace,airports and aviation in Alberta through collaboration, communication, training, education, research and advocacy.


  • To promote a safe and financially sustainable aerospace, airport and aviation industry in Alberta.

  • To advise and assist government in understanding the requirements of the aerospace, airport and aviation industry in Alberta.

  • To advocate with government on funding, policies, regulations and taxes.

  • To be a focal point for the collection and distribution of information that will promote the growth and development of the aerospace, airport and aviation industry.

  • To encourage the mutual awareness of the capabilities and responsibilities of association members.

  • To provide training, education and support for the improvement of aerospace, airports and aviation in Alberta.


  • Representation on NavCanada Advisory Board (the only Alberta spokesperson)

  • Communication link with Government of Alberta

  • Link with Transport Canada

  • Production of the facilities map every two years

  • Link with COPA

  • Collaboration with CCAA on ongoing research

  • Part of the Transport Canada CARAC focus group